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> Wasn't the whole point of the maintainer change that debian maintainers were
> grumpy about getting mails from issues in derivatives?

Afaik it was for reports reported to the Debian maintainers that were unaware
or not interested in the derivatives, if we are merging the teams then that
complain shouldn't apply, it sort of depends on the noise level it generates,

Is there a way to configure the launchpad bugs to be sent to another ml instead
of the Maintainer address ?

> We do that really to make our life easier... and did you dump kde-sc-dev-
> latest?

No, but I haven't updated it in a while. It might be obsoleted after kf5, I
don't know.

> What we do is pretty much a replacement for that as versioned breaks
> don't work on launchpad.

They get ignored? We still need them for moving files between packages
and such.

> How would you propose we handle updating copyright files? As you probably 
> know 
> we are pretty lazy when it comes to that (as it's a horrible black hole for
> developer time). Would you be fine with updating that whenever you get to the
> point of uploading? Or do you have a process that allows updating them pretty
> fast?

Doing a git diff upstream/old_version upstream/new_version | grep -i copyright
helps, specially with no changes, but after a while you need to review the
whole copyright file again.

There are a few projects to improve the copyright file checks [1] and
generation [2], but nothing great. In particular, I don't like the generation
tools that drop any change manually made to the copyright file. I use a dumb
wrapper around licensecheck [3] to group the result by license and some vim
macros to reformat it.

> Maybe we could set up a script to check the copyright changes between 
> upstream 
> versions to make that faster?

Not an easy task, but it may be possible to do a tool that either parses the
git diff or that calls licensecheck in the old and the new tree and parses the
licensecheck diff.

[1]: https://github.com/agustinhenze/dlt
[2]: https://code.launchpad.net/~clint-fewbar/+junk/lcheck
[3]: http://maxy.com.ar/debian/license-helper.py
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