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> Hi,
> On Fri, Sep 12, 2014 at 5:57 PM, Sune Vuorela <s...@vuorela.dk> wrote:
> > On Thursday 11 September 2014 16:37:25 Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer
> > 
> > wrote:
> >> As you already may know, we have a new qtwebkit version in unstable which
> >> is currently FTBFS. This seems to be fixed with the latest patch.
> >> 
> >> But this webkit version links against gstreamer 1.0. We currently have
> >> phonon linking against gstreamer 0.10, which seems solvavble.
> >> 
> >> Now Diane found that we also have gstreamer support in Qt4 but with
> >> gstreamer 0.10. AFAIU there is no way to make it work with gstreamer 1.0.
> > 
> > Upstream has released a phonon that is compatible with gstreamer 1.0 some
> > time ago, I suggest updating to it.
> > 
> > https://community.kde.org/Phonon/Releases/GStreamer
> > 
> > Only QtMulitmedia is a problem, but I'm not sure anyone actually uses it.
> +1 for building qt4 without Phonon (that's what Ubuntu does since
> 2010),

That's the current situation, except for stuff that depends on phonon on the 
same qt4-x11 source (qtconfig, some examples and maybe qtmultimedia). But I 
think we should just stop B-Ding on gstreamer 0.1, I tested and it doesn't 
cause FTBFSs not api/abi changes.

Commited the changes, I need to remember to actually push it to unstable.

> and for building standalone Phonon with gstreamer 1.0.

IIRC maxy pushed this on friday, except I'm missing something. But now that 
qtwebkit builds (thanks Felix for the upload!) we should go down this path.

> Ubuntu also builds qt5webkit against gstreamer 1.0, maybe we should
> follow there as well?

We should have been doing that from the beginning :-/ Changes commited to the 

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