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> On Tuesday 03 March 2015 00:40:18 Aleix Pol wrote:
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> > I don't think kdeconnect-plasma is a bad idea.

I don't think that kdeconnect-plasma is a bad name, it goes with the new
kde release.

I was thinking on the final user, when he will search for kdeconnect on his
package manager and gets listed:


Could be confusing at first sight.

> I agree with this. But Debian's real maintainer is David, so he is the
one who
> has to ACK the name.

For me it's not a problem naming it kdeconnect-plasma. Better this way, so
upstream name is not changed.

And, if like Aleix suggest, we will see more kdeconnect-* things, better to
stay with it.

> > I can see other kdeconnect-* happening some day.

Are Albert and you planning something soon ?



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