Hi everyone! I have drafted a Qt4-removal announce in gobby, Teams→KDE→Qt4, 
right at the top.

As many of you might know there are different feelings about this removal. On 
one hand we will not be having anything else but security-related bugs fixed 
in Qt4 from the next point release which should happen really soon until 
possibly 2017 (which is possibly one year after Strech's release). On the 
other hand the number of apps using Qt4 is just enormous.

My suggestion to this is to simply try to get the removal done and see what 
happens during Strech's developing life cycle. Our experience with Qt3 was 
actually better that many think it was, having only 13 source packages using 
Qt3 when we asked for it's removal, and all of them where dead upstream (even 
if functional, like Twinkle).

As usual I would like you to review the aforementioned removal announce. Feel 
free to edit it, that's why we have Gobby there.

I would also like some input from the KDE maintainers, specially (but not 
limited to) maxy on how KDE's porting efforts are being developed (for 
example, do you think we will have a usable KDE with Qt5 experience by the end 
of the year?) I haven't tried it myself yet so any input in this regard will 
be highly appreciated.

Kinds regards, Lisandro.

Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer

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