On Thursday 16 April 2015 18:43:52 Scott Kitterman wrote:
> If you look at what paultag started regarding python3 migration (see dda), I
> think that's a good model for creating positive motivation to work on
> porting thing.

Right, although we don't have the porting team ;)

**Maybe** we should consider just announcing that Qt4 enters just-security-
bugs maintainance only and if someone wants to remove a dependency from Qt4's 
B-Ds we will do it as long as it just affects plugins and not API/ABI (which 
they shouldn't...)

<OdyX> They are plenty, a whole hurd of gnus.
* pinotree turns OdyX upside down
<OdyX> ˙snuƃ ɟo pɹnɥ ǝloɥʍ ɐ 'ʎʇuǝld ǝɹɐ ʎǝɥʇ
<pinotree> gh
<OdyX> (-: ˙ǝsɐǝןd 'dn ʞɔɐq ǝɯ uɹnʇ ǝsɐǝןd ʍou
* pinotree turns OdyX upside down again
<OdyX> Thank you.

Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer

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