On Monday 20 April 2015 23:23:13 Kevin Krammer wrote:
> On Friday, 2014-10-10, 00:19:51, Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer wrote:
> > So my *personal* plan for Jessie+1 is this: not loose a single second on
> > QtWebEngine.
> > 
> > Of course I won't stop anyone in trying to ship it. But if no one steps up
> > to maintain it I will not hesitate in simply ignoring it as much as
> > possible, even at the point of not shipping stuff that depends on it.
> Since this is the web engine of Qt, is then plan not to ship Qt at all or
> not to ship this specific module?

The plan is not to ship it as long as nobody packages it. But for somebody to 
package it he will *really* need time and packaging skills. And if he is not a 
DD he will need one with also quite a lot of time to review and sponsor the 

> Assuming the latter, wouldn't that mean that each application will have to
> ship its locally bundled version, resulting in dozends or hundrets of per-
> package copies of the module of significant size?

The packaging problem remains the same so it means that those apps will either 
need a way to not use it's functionality or not be shipped at all.

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