On Wednesday 22 April 2015 14:51:32 Rohan Garg wrote:
> Hey everyone
> I'd like to move forward with fixing 721938 [1] , which means including [2]
> Without the patch and sni-qt , open source apps like VLC and owncloud
> do not appear in the Plasma 5 systray . Furthermore systray icons for
> proprietary apps such ask Skype, Spotify and Dropbox will be broken
> too.
> So far I haven't seen a good reason not to include the patch ( from
> what I've gathered talking to people on IRC )
> I'd really rather have this fixed in Debian than have to fork the Qt4
> packages and maintain them myself.
> Thoughts? Suggestions? Opinions?

As just discussed on IRC:

- the patch in Qt4 is needed just by sni-qt
- snit-qt received it last commit almost three years from now:
  (actually it will be three years old the day we release Jessie)
- The bug list is:
  The most recent bug there has been opened in August last year, received
  priority high in December and is still open.

Now this looks like dead code to me. I'm reluctant to package something that 
is already dead upstream except if I'm going to maintain it as upstream myself 
(which I'm not planning to do). Much more reluctant to patch Qt4 just for 
letting something dead upstream to work.

So at very least I would require a nice and alive sni-qt upstream to even 
consider patching Qt4.

And again: I don't care about proprietary stuff. They adapt or they die, much 
in the same way they treat us.

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