> - snit-qt received it last commit almost three years from now:
>   <https://code.launchpad.net/~indicator-applet-developers/sni-qt/trunk.13.04>
>   (actually it will be three years old the day we release Jessie)

Probably because sni-qt is considered finished. I'm sure that's the
case for many other projects out there.

> - The bug list is:
>   <https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sni-qt>
>   The most recent bug there has been opened in August last year, received
>   priority high in December and is still open.

Doesn't affect KDE, so it's not really relevant here tbh.

> Now this looks like dead code to me. I'm reluctant to package something that
> is already dead upstream except if I'm going to maintain it as upstream myself
> (which I'm not planning to do). Much more reluctant to patch Qt4 just for
> letting something dead upstream to work.
> So at very least I would require a nice and alive sni-qt upstream to even
> consider patching Qt4.

See above.

> And again: I don't care about proprietary stuff. They adapt or they die, much
> in the same way they treat us.

Except that there are multiple opensource Qt 4 apps that use
QSystemTray and will have a non functioning systray icon in Plasma 5.
I really find the situation to be unacceptable in it's current form to
be honest.

Rohan Garg


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