Then I think we have consensus :-D

Just one note on my side:

On Tuesday 26 May 2015 08:51:29 Timo Jyrinki wrote:
> > And that also means that if someone uploaded something which should have
> > not been uploaded you will not cherry pick that change into our branches,
> > so that's totally fine.
> Yes. There will be some ugly patches in Ubuntu not suitable for
> Debian. A good example is this one "on a certain phone, a driver
> reports a wrong feature to Qt and we can't fix the driver at the
> moment".


> Some may be more middle ground or inspiring, like the
> alternative qmake build for armhf cross-building.

In this case it would be awesome if we can discuss them on irc and see if they 
are fit to be pushed upstream or if we can help upstreaming them in some other 

> Ubuntu devs also
> upstream + cherry-pick many bug fixes, and those can be cherry-picked
> to Debian easily if they seem serious enough.

As a rule of thumb backporting merged stuff it's a very nice idea if the fix 
is important enough, yes :)

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