On Thursday, 2015-06-25, 15:56:22, Florian Bruhin wrote:
> * Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer <perezme...@gmail.com> [2015-06-25 
09:49:29 -0300]:
> > On Thursday 25 June 2015 14:13:59 Florian Bruhin wrote:

> > > Seeing that Qt removes QtWebKit from their source-
> > 
> > Actually they are not going to update it anymore, maybe except for
> > security
> > bugfixes. The source will remain there and should be able to keep building
> > with Qt5.6+
> I'm not entirely sure it will, unfortunately.
> From [1]:
> * We’d still remove the deprecated modules from our Qt 5.6 release
>   (maybe with the exception of Qt Script).
> I also remember reading somewhere explicitely that it won't be
> included in the qt-everywhere-opensource-... archive - sadly I can't
> find the mail anymore.

I would be surprised if it got removed from anything other than the binary 
It might be something that one has to opt-in to at configure time, but I don't 
see any gain in basically breaking the compatibility guarantee.

The whole point of "deprecated" is to mark something for future removal 
instead of removing it.

And as far as I know no Qt API, let alone a whole module, has ever been 
removed in a point release. Only major releases do that if at all.

> I still have some hope - I think Qt will still apply at least security
> fixes for QtWebKit until Qt 6, which still should be a while away.

I would also be surprised if they would knowingly ship insecure code.


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