Hi everyone! I would really appreciate some help from everyone who has a clean 
an up to date unstable chroot. I need to check which libs in the Qt5 stack 
need sourcefull uploads.

In order to coordinate I updated the package list in gobby→Teams→KDE→Qt5.
You will note that at the end of each package comments there is || gcc5: 

The idea is to get a package in state "check" (apt-get source <package>), 
build it on an up to date and clean unstable chroot and note if:

- It FTBFS due to missing symbols and/or compilation problems.
- Builds fine with/without symbols changes.
- Update gobby accordingly.

That's all! If in doubt please ping me on irc.

Thanks in advance!


Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer

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