Hi everyone!

As everybody should know by now we are in the middle of the gcc5 transition. 
We can do lots to help this happen faster and at the same time improve our 
Qt/KDE situation with respect to it.

= Qt situation

First the good news: neither Qt4 nor Qt5 seemed to need a transition, only a 
rebuild with symbols fixes. In the case of Qt4 this has already been 
performed, and in the Qt5 case this is slowly happening as time permits me.

If you are following the [tracker] you might notice that those are still 
marked in red: that's because not all the binaries generated from the source 
end up depending on the new C++11 symbols. For example, in qt4's case, only 
libqt4core gained the new dependency. This was pointed out to me by Kibi with 

= KDE and improving the overall situation

The current focus of the RT are not apps but libs. I was greenlighted to 
proceed with the Qt stack with the following rules (some of them likely 
implicit but I tried to be verbose just in case):

1) Check the build dependencies of the package and filter the C++ ones. For 
each of the C++ libs check if a transition is needed or not. If a transition 
is needed, try to help with it. If it's not needed or it has already finished 
consider the lib safe. If in doubt, please ping me.

2) Build the Qt lib and see if it needs or not a transition. Also fix symbols 
files. Then if:
  - The lib needs a transition: tell the RT and wait for them to ACK it.
  - The lib does not need a transition: feel free to push it if it needs a 
sourceful upload due to symbols, otherwise ask for a binNMU.

I asked the RT if this could be applicable to KDE libs and they also 
greenlighted this.

Again remember we are targeting libs, not apps. If we check the libs we can 
speed up the process.

[tracker] <https://release.debian.org/transitions/html/libstdc++6.html>


  for i in $(apt-cache showsrc qt4-x11|awk '/^Binary/ { $1=""; print $0}'|tr -
d ','); do apt-get download $i; done

And then:

  for i in *amd64.deb; do echo $i|sed 's/%3a/:/g'; dpkg --info $i|perl -ne 
'print " $1\n" if /^ Depends: .*(libstdc\+\+6 \(>= [0-9.]+\))/'; echo; done


Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer

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