On Sunday 16 August 2015 19:31:40 Sune Vuorela wrote:
> Hi
> Maxy has scheduled a pkg-kde team meeting in Wien (yes. that's a room name)
> tomorrow monday at 17.00-18.00.
My rough notes

PKG-KDE TEAM meeting

 - maxy tells who he is. Talks about his script
 - Sune talked about himselv
 - Martin Steigerwald (helios21) presented himself, including bugwork and 
guiding noticing. Will be at the KDE sprint in Randa and has worked a bit with 
kdepim team
 - Felix Geyer (debfx) presents himself. Mentions cmake and other such stop
 - Sandro Knaus (hefee) - mostly KDEPIM & Kolab. A little involved with 
packaging, but mostly busy upstream
 - Mathias Klumpp (Ximion) - mostly works on fdo stuff and appstream and such, 
tanglu as well.
 - Martin Graesslin (mgraesslin) - upstream on kde wayland migration, kwin, 
and others
 Current status

Gcc 5 transition
There might be some undocumented things popping up, and a workaround could be 
to rebuild kwin and the oxygen stuff. But kwin doesn't pass std::string or 
std::list in the interfaces. Further investigations might be needed.

Some investigation into the kwin vs breeze vs oxygen things

Just go for cleaning it up. Write a comment to old bugs saying "does it still 
apply" and mark as moreinfo. old moreinfo bugs without info can be closed.
There might be a "nasty user" responding aggressively or impolite. Just ignore 
or send them on to Sune.

path handling should be looked into.
some kind of message for non-opengl cases; else we get just a black screen.

We should sign keys at some point, and maybe meet again later
A GDB built with python3 support is landing soon. If that's a problem for our 
IDE's or similar, we should investigate and fix.

That's my interpretiation of the meeting



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