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After having spent quite some time today looking at the current kdecoration2 mess (tracked at https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=350964 , at debian:796194, debian:796184 and probably many more)

The crash happens around when a std::function (a c++11 feature) is passed across a library boundary and some parts of it is built with gcc5 and others with 4.9.

Matthias: is there any chance to make this simbol part of the new ABI? In this way stuff will not migrate to testing as it happened for us.

std::function seems to be a header only thing, so there is no related symbol
in libstdc++6.

According to Matthias Klose, upstream actually gives no guarantees for for their abi for c++11, so I guess the steps forward should be:

1) Immediately binNMU src:kdecoration2 in testing, then when that is done, binNMU src:kwin, src:oxygen and src:breeze all in testing. (that's for release team)

I don't know if we can binNMU something in testing with a testing chroot. I think it needs a sourcefull upload to t-p-u. RT, please confirm.

The release team asked us to do this after having a newer version in unstable
blocked by a transition. So we need to request the binNMU after 2).

2) At the same time, do a library transition for libkdecoration2-5 and rename it to libkdecoration2-5v5 and binNMU the rdeps (the same as mentioned above)

I can do this if the RT ACKs it (all B-Ds are ready).

I'm preparing this upload.

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