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This is Tony from Dongguan longly Machinery Co., Ltd.

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Founded in 2000, and as the NO.1 grinding machine manufacturer in china, LONGLY 
Machinery had engaged in wet grinding & dispersing solutions for more than 15 
years, and gained numbers of big customers from different industries and 
applications from the worldwide, like Automobile paint, Industry paints, Wood 
ware coating, Gravure ink, Flexo ink, UV ink, calcium carbonate, Battery, ATO, 
ceramic inks, Alumina Powder, CNT(carbonate Nano tube), Titanium Dioxide, 
Kaolin, food, pesticide, Nano pigments, zirconium oxide powder, Pharma etc.,…..


We had built three offices in china domestic markets and four offices & agents 
in Indian, Pakistan, German, and another two agent will be authorized in Korea 
and Indonesia.


The following is our main products series, each of them is very stable and 
highly approved by our customers.
1 Laboratory Equipment:
  a Laboratory Nano Bead Mill (0.3L,0.6L,1L);
  b Laboratory High Speed Mixer LBM-T1;
  c Laboratory Basket Mill LBM-T2;
  d Laboratory Micro-scale Sand Mill (LSM0.3L&LSM1.4L);
2 Disperser Machine (High speed Agitator)

LFS-5L; LFS-10L; LFS-15L; LFS-20L; LFS-25L; LFS-30L;
3 Production Nano bead Mill:(2um~30nm)
  NT-V Horizontal Nano Bead Mill(6L,10L,25L,30L,60L,150L);
4 Production Micro Bead Mill:(>2um)(Disk Type)
  LSM-B Series High Performance Bead Mill   

5 Basket Mill

LBM-5L; LBM-20L; 
6 Filling & Filtering Machine (weight scope: 5kg-50kg)

We develop very fast, and will be faster, we want to share the fruit with our 
partner and customers who want to develop and improve their products quality 
with reasonable cost.

Enclosed is the plant picture, more information will be available with the 
following website and email, hope for your reply and enquiry, tony will try the 
best to serve you from market and technical aspect. 

Thanks & B.regards

Ada Wang

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Smart Phone Number:0086 13925720931

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