On Mon, Aug 31, 2015 at 9:47 PM, Scott Kitterman <deb...@kitterman.com> wrote:
> Since we no longer provide a KDE 4 workspace, pretty much any package that
> build-depends on workspace-dev is partly or fully non-functional.  We ought
> to, in short order, get rid of it.  Here's the affected packages:
> reverse-depends -b kdebase-workspace-dev
> Reverse-Build-Depends
> =====================
> * bespin

guess: uses it for window decoration and probably is optional so
should be built without as kwin5 cannot load kwin4 decorations

> * kshutdown

judging from the name it uses ksmserver to shut down

> * ktorrent

as above

> * plasma-widget-yawp


> * sentinella

IIRC this one heavily uses ksysguard libs and probably needs removing
unless there is a qt5 version

> reverse-depends -b kde-workspace-dev
> Reverse-Build-Depends
> =====================
> * apper
> * kcometen4

no clue

> * kdeplasma-addons

that should be plasma5 now as per kde's releases

> * kdevelop

uses ksysguard to get a list of processes for the debugger. this is
optional and upstream (Aleix) suggested to simply build without this

> * kget

probably same as ktorrent and kshutdown

> * knemo

probably uses ksysguard plotting tech looking at screenshots. so this
one needs porting or removal as a whole I fear.

> * ktux


> * plasma-widget-adjustableclock
> * plasma-widget-smooth-tasks
> * redshift-plasmoid

all plasmoids have no plasma5 version so I consider them unmaintained
until further notice



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