On Tuesday 08 September 2015 02:52:46 Mario Lang wrote:
> Samuel Thibault <sthiba...@debian.org> writes:
> > AT-SPI is actually independent from the actual rendering, so it should
> > be already working.


> If we are talking about Qt on framebuffers (how cool!), I doubt that it
> would be practical to use if it already "worked".  After all, Orca would
> still need to run in a conventional X session, wouldn't it?  And d-bus
> would need to be convinced to have those two talk to each other.
> And then, all of the orca keyboard based commands would likely no longer
> work, because the current console would be the wrong on.  Or am I
> misunderstanding anything here?

Right, an orca-like thing for other "platforms" (read below) would be needed.

> Still, this would be very cool to have working.  What do I need to do,
> to let a Qt5 app know it is supposed to do this?

Check <http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/embedded-linux.html>, section "Platform Plugins 
for Embedded Linux Devices".

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