Hi Lisandro,
>If this is true it's really pretty bad, as this means we can't move forward 
>with the qt5 transition.

well, clang-3.8 won't migrate until part of llvm-toolchain-snapshot, and usually
llvm folks releases a new clang version twice a year, and the 3.7 (current 

has been released on 1 september 2015.
(pkg-llvm folks will rename the package llvm-toolchain-3.8 and upload 

a new snapshot with -3.9 packages)

So don't expect a 3.8 version before February 2016 or even after.
You can consider looking to the release history, or ask directly to Sylvestre

>Adam: maybe we will need to drop clang support from qtcreator and consider 
>>whether it's a good idea to put it back at some point.

You can also consider making it work with clang 3.6 because it is the last 
version building on all the release architectures, or ask porters/Sylvestre
to make llvm-3.7 build on all architectures too.

I successfully built qtcreator with llvm-3.7 a few seconds ago (amd64)




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