On Monday 09 November 2015 16:56:57 Rohan Garg wrote:
> Hi
> We're currently facing a general problem that a few frameworks
> packages explicitly export QT_SELECT in their debian/rules (
> kdesignerplugin, kjobwidgets, kauth to name a few ).
> Since v3 of debian-qt-kde.mk only supports Qt5 and Frameworks 5
> anyway, I was wondering if I could just go ahead and export
> QT_SELECT=5 directly in debian-qt-kde.mk instead of each packaging
> doing it for themselves.
> Since this only affects v3 of the script, KDE4 packages using v2
> should be un affected by this change.

I'm not entirely sure this is a good idea (yes, I changed my mind since this 
morning). As far as I understand all the KF5 packages are using CMake. If so 
they don't require this variable.

Is there anything I'm missing here?

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