> Once again I find unexpected [k]ubuntu branchs in qt repos. As I have already 
> said before: no new branches without consulting first.

> Now I see a branch named "kubuntu_vivid_mobile" in qtquickcontrols. I haven't 
> read someone asking for permission, specially Bhushan Shah (CCing, he asked 
> permission for KDE stuff and someone got him accepted in the alioth project).

> So far I see no benefit in letting third parties accessing our repos, 
> specially when we have no way of not allowing them to commit to our branches.

> Bhushan: I know you are a KDE upstream, but you are not a Qt one. Please 
> refrain from doing more commits until we sort this out.

> If we *really* want to cooperate with Qt packaging we should at very least 
> define common grounds, which includes no patches for re adding non-DFSG 
> stuff, 
> atomic commits with proper changelog entries, no patches non-upstream ACKed 
> except for very good reasons, etc.

I created the kubuntu_vivid_mobile branches.  Kubuntu developers have
been using Debian pkg-kde git for some years now in an effort to share
resources and allow earier cooperation.  This was done at the request
of Debian pkg-kde as well as Kubuntu developers.  It allows for
branches to be easily merged and changes to be cherry-picked.

In this case it's packaging needed for the phone images
http://kubuntu.plasma-mobile.org/ which needs newer versions of Qt on
older base systems so it won't be anything that's useful to merge into
other branches but its what allows our work to be used in an
interesting end product.  Can you explain what problems it causes?

Kubuntu has very strong politices for upstream patches and free
software.  I've found myself recently bullied out of Ubuntu for
defending its free software policies.  If you can point me to any
non-DFSG additions I'll be the first to remove them.



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