Rohan has asked me to write down here an opinion I have wrt repos, which might 
not be clear from my previous mails.

I do really prefer to have separate Qt repos for each distribution. I don't 
really mind if a distribution clones our repos and works from there, but I 
*do* mind derivatives working in our repos.

In my point of view people wanting to change/improve something in Debian 
should present patches until we know we can trust them to push the commits 

Then Rohan asked me a good question: "you'd rather have potentially reusable 
contributions scattered around in a different repo where you probably won't 
see them?"

The answer is: yes. Like we do with Fedora and Suse and... every other distro. 
From time to time I check what other distros are shipping and why, just by 
looking at their repos. If I want a patch of them I clone their repos and get 
their patch.

But this happens not very often: we normally do our best to push stuff 
directly upstream. Moreover we have a policy of not accepting patches if they 
have not been ACKed by upstream first, except for very debian-specific ones 
and some very special cases, like the patch for sni-qt requred in qt4.

Sum up to that that we don't have ACLs for allowing specific people to push to 
specific branches, meaning that anyone who can commit can do it wherever [s]he 

So, unless convinced otherwise, I'm against sharing repos.

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