On Wednesday 02 December 2015 16:41:01 Jonathan Riddell wrote:
> I don't think you've said what the problem is with committing to
> separate branches, it makes life easier for Kubuntu and doesn't get in
> the way of Debian packagers in any way. 

I did: it means that anyone wanting to push to *ubuntu branches should be 
allowed to do it, no matter if we Debian maintainers have checked if we can 
trust her/him. I'm against that. Remember that currently anyone can commit 
anywhere. And yes, this includespeople who asked for acces for KDE stuff.

Having an automatic clone of the Debian repo and use that as a base should not 
pose a problem to any derivative.

> But it does allow for merges
> to happen if the Debian packager thinks it's relevant.

Which so far in Debians' Qt history, and as far as I am concerned, hasn't 
happened. For KDE stuff the history might be different.

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