I'm upstream developer and debian maintainer of RKWard, a KDE-based
frontend to the R statistics language. RKWard has been included in the
debian archives for more than nine years, and I have been the uploader
as "DM" for more than five years.

Currently, I cannot upload any new packages because my registered GPG
key is too short (1024 bits). As this is the only package I maintain,
the cost-benefit-ration of getting my new key signed by two DDs seems
prohibitive, ATM.

Debian has already missed out on one release (0.6.3) of RKWard. Now a
new release is approaching, and I am looking for a solution to get it

My preferred option for this would actually be to pass on
maintainership to the QT / KDE team. This does not seem entirely out of
scope (to me), as RKWard has moved to the KDE.org umbrella, last year
(some last few bits still dangling on SF.net). While it is still in
"playground" on KDE.org, I expect to submit it to KDE "review", soon,
targetted for inclusion in extragear.

As a second best option, I'm looking for a sponsor to upload the
upcoming version 0.6.4 to the archive.

In either case, the most recent debian packaging can be found at
https://quickgit.kde.org/?p=rkward.git&a=tree&f=debian . Note that this
includes support for legacy versions of KDE, R, and debian. The most
important reason for this is that it is also used to auto-build Ubuntu
packages reaching back to "Lucid". This may or may not be a problem to
you, however, if you are thinking about a modernization of the package,
you should be aware that the upcoming release 0.6.4 is rather likely to
be the last KDE 4-based release of RKWard, and with the port to KF5, a
lot of legacy code will fall away, in any case.

Thanks for your time!

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