On Monday 21 December 2015 23:38:41 Scott Kitterman wrote:
> >
> >I think this is overcautious. Qt 4 is to be removed from Debian so
> >removing dependencies on Qt 4 is preferred to adding new ones.
> Digikam is notoriously difficult to package before final release due to
> depending on unreleased library versions and/or embedded code copies.  Not
> packaging pre-release versions of Digikam is an eminently reasonable thing
> to do.  This is particularly true right now when no one else was working on
> it at all AFAICT.


> It's not entirely clear is we'll succeed in getting entirely rid of Qt4 this
> cycle.  The thing we know for sure is going away is QtWebKit for Qt4.

Qt4 will bee too difficult, qt4's webkit has to go.

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