Quite some years ago (more than six already!) we as a team decided on a 
changelog style standard. This was kept on our mailing list's archive and 
passed on to newer members whenever we where training them, plus some 
modifications to comply with newer versions of the Debian policy.

Yesterday I took the time to write it down in our team's web page [0] along 
with the changes it suffered since it's inception.

[0] <http://pkg-kde.alioth.debian.org/changelogstandard.html>

I don't know if the KDE side of the team still keeps using it or not, but in 
the Qt side of it we do our best to comply with it.

I think it is good to notice (as also stated in the link above) that this 
workflow/style standard was a huge improvement with respect to the previous 
situation of the team and so far has proven to be quite helpful.

Of course time passes and policy and teams changes, so if anyone feels that 
something should be changed then step up and write :)

On a side note I will really try to write down what has been my normal 
workflow to package Qt in this last years. I have some notes on this on gobby 
and have been reviewing it since quite some time ago, so I think it should be 
a good read for those interested in the topic.

Kinds regards, Lisandro.

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