Hi Lisandro,

> Today I talked with David and wanted to update kdeconnect. But found out that
> we have two separate repos for it.

Thank you for working on this! Bug #794499 is quite annoying despite of
available workaround.

> The original had the source code in it, which is normal considering it is part
> of kde-extras.
> The new one does not has sources on it, but all the branches have ubuntu-
> specific stuff, even master.
> I would simply remove the ubuntu specific stuff from master and use the
> necesaary updates in the other branch, but before breaking someone else's
> workflow I would really love to know how this should be handled.

As far as I see only one (initial) commit was done into master branch
and all other changes were done in Ubuntu-specific branches. So it is unlikely
that you break someone's workflow. But probably you may ask Jonathan directly
if it is necessary.

Best regards,


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