Currently we have two repos for kdeconnect:


- Original repo by original maintainer. Good.
- Outdated version wrt upstream, same as we currently ship in Debian. Just 
needs an update.
- Has the source code in it, possibly using gbp or alike, which is allowed by 
our rules for extra stuff.


- Repo created by J. Ridell (why?) which only has debian/ in it.
- But simply removed the git history from the above one, pushing everything as 
a single commit. Bad.
- Not shipped in Debian but with Debian references. part of kde-extras, not 
kde proper.

So what on earth I am supossed to do with these ones?

I'm tempted to keep the original one because it keeps the correct history and 
remove the other one, which is useless for Debian.

Will get to that if no one complains in ~5 days.

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