first of all - I spoke yesterday with Scarlett, because she started the 
packaging and I don't want to take over here work. Currently she is very busy 
but whats to take over again if the work gets less. But till than she's happy 
if we go on and get the package rolling...

now all points I see, that need to address before we can upload the 
* X: libqt5webchannel-dev: duplicate-files usr/share/doc/libqt5webchannel-dev/
examples/webchannel/chatclient-html/qwebchannel.js usr/share/doc/
libqt5webchannel-dev/examples/webchannel/nodejs/qwebchannel.js usr/share/doc/

 -> either link all duplicates at one or we just leave it because the examples 
should be self contained?

P: libqt5webchannel-dev: example-unusual-interpreter usr/share/doc/
libqt5webchannel-dev/examples/webchannel/qwclient/qwclient.js #!node

-> the interpreter is okay in the source file so who is changing this this. If 
I look at the file I see a correct interpreter:
#!/usr/bin/env node

* I had another licensecheck and I found smaller issues (already fixed).
* build the qtwebchannel-doc package (I would not create a -doc and -doc-html 
package and ship everything at the -doc package)
* move examples to doc package? I think there they match better
* I would remove the patch examples_full_path.diff, because it only touches 
examples and there the privacy breach to not hold in my eyes - What do you 
*we should build&ran tests from the test directory.

 - update the descriptions, these are not matching to QtWebChannel and copied 
around from other places ( I'm not a native English speaker)
- add the doc package

That's all I see, that need to be done/ discussed before the package is ready 
for upload.

@lisandro: anything to add to the list? Any Qt5 specific things?

Best regards,


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