>> first of all - I spoke yesterday with Scarlett, because she started the
>> packaging and I don't want to take over here work. Currently she is very
>> busy but whats to take over again if the work gets less. But till than
>> she's happy if we go on and get the package rolling...
> ACK!

Well that's good. :)

> - Examples should not be part of a -dev package.

I'll make sure to add this in the -doc package I'm working on. See below.

> - Linking them, as long as they are in the same package, should be ok. It's 
> simply to do too.

I'm unfamiliar with how this would be done, and I'm curious how.

debian/patches ?

>> P: libqt5webchannel-dev: example-unusual-interpreter usr/share/doc/
>> libqt5webchannel-dev/examples/webchannel/qwclient/qwclient.js #!node
>> -> the interpreter is okay in the source file so who is changing this this.
>> If I look at the file I see a correct interpreter:
>> #!/usr/bin/env node

So Sandro, this means it's fixed? If not, I have no clue either.

>> * I had another licensecheck and I found smaller issues (already fixed).
> ACK.


>> * build the qtwebchannel-doc package (I would not create a -doc and
>> -doc-html package and ship everything at the -doc package)
> Why not? That means:
> - forcing the user to install the same doc twice, one in each format.
> - we can't later add the relevant dependencies to qtdoc-opensource-src

I've taken on getting the -doc* package squared away. I'll start by
getting the -doc package good to go, then I'll see what makes sense to
split. I'll let you all know on this.

> Examples should go in an examples package. Check other Qt submodules for 
> examples on how to ship examples ;)

I'll pick this up too because it's sort of under the -docs umbrella.

<snip />

> Some thoughts about the packging:
> - debian/changelog: 
>   * this is pedant, but it should really only list the inital package release 
> with the proper close to the ITP. This is the first time it is uploaded so 
> you 
> don't really need to describe anything else.
>   * Whoever did the initial packaging didn't follow the changelog guidelines
>     [cg]. Please take a look at them and be sure to follow them. Ask if in
>     doubt.
>   [cg]

This seems easy to fix so I'll knock it out ASAP.

> - debian/control:
>   * Maintainer should be the Qt/KDE team.
>   * Scarlett, Sandro and Simon should be listed in Uploaders, they are the 
> ones doing the job after all :)

How does being in Uploaders work? Does that mean we've touched the
package? Does that mean we have upload rights to this package? I've
never used this before.

> - debian/copyright
>   * $QT_BEGIN_LICENSE:LGPL21$ ← this is not OK, it's just a template used by 
> upstream.
>   * Please check other submodule sto see how this is handled. Ask if in doubt.
>   * Copyright lines are not machine parseable, see
> dep5/

About copyright.

In my branch, I added myself to the copyright file for the debian/
directory, and I propose that the people in that entry should be me,
Scarlett, and Sandro. Thoughts?

> - debian/.directory really?

What is this?

> - debian/docs: it's empty, remove it.

I'll do this in my branch right after sending this email.

> - debian/libqt5webchannel-dev.install
>   * usr/lib/*/qt5/examples/webchannel/ /usr/share/doc/libqt5webchannel-dev/
> examples ← examples should go in it's proper package.

Again, my task, I'll handle the install files.

> - debian/.gitattributes is missing, use qtbase's one as an example.

Also seems easy, coming soon.

In the future, when I refer to my branch/repo, it's hosted here: . Please always
pull from that.

Nice work everyone! :)

Simon Quigley
tsimonq2 on Freenode, OFTC


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