Maybe we should use gobby for our uptodate TODO list (install the package 
named gobby). I used now gobby.debian.org/Teams/KDE/qtwebengine.

I think than we will follow the normal qt package rules and create a example, 
doc and doc-html packages to be consistant. My answers about merging things 
together was based without looking to other qt packages ( sorry for that)

>>* I would remove the patch examples_full_path.diff, because it only touches
>> examples and there the privacy breach to not hold in my eyes - What do you
>> think?
>I think it's a privacy breach non the less which is quite easy to fix. Extra  
points if a proper patch for doing this at build time is upstreamed.

Well the patch with linking to a Debian copy of jQuery can break the example, 
if the version is not exactly the same they depend on. And the example wants 
1.4.2 and debian has 1.2.0. I know from packaging webapps based on jQuery, 
that jQuery change their API often and thats why many packages in Debian store 
a internal copy of the version of jQuery they need. (I know this is not the 
way to go). That's why I recommend to don't link to the internal jQuery, 
because broken example are really bad and more a problem than the privacy 
beach. And it is a matter of fact, that the examples are used not very often, 
so we will see the error much later :(

But lisandro is right, never the less all the errors are valid privacy 
beaches, so we should not override them in lintian and keep the warnings as 
reminders, that we should fix them in future.

> examples_full_path.diff

if we keep the patch, than we should also add dep3 headers, yes.

> - debian/rules: 
 > * qmake will not take those flags. And if it did that would be a problem, as 
hardening enables -fPIE but we require -fPIC (which already implies -fPIE, but 
you can't use both at the same time).
already removed again

>  * qmake QT_BUILD_PARTS+=" src" ← why that?
will try if it is necessary

>* make install INSTALL_ROOT=$(CURDIR)/debian/tmp ← why not using 
dh_auto_install? check for example qtsensors.
fixed already

> * Missing -v in first and last rm call.
will add this.

> > > - debian/.directory really?
> Good question :) A Plasma/dolphin file that should have never been there :)

should be deleted. I overseen the file, because it is hidden :D
> [snip]
> > In the future, when I refer to my branch/repo, it's hosted here:
> > https://git.launchpad.net/~tsimonq2/+git/qtwebchannel . Please always
> > pull from that.
> Keep up the good work and it won't be long before any of us gives you commit
> access :)


> >> P: libqt5webchannel-dev: example-unusual-interpreter usr/share/doc/
> >> libqt5webchannel-dev/examples/webchannel/qwclient/qwclient.js #!node
> So Sandro, this means it's fixed? If not, I have no clue either.

no I just looked what interpreter is set in the source file and this one is a 
correct one, so it is a debian tool changing the interpreter. So someone needs 
to investigate this.



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