Hello Lisandro,

> = debian/changelog
> If you intend this package to be under the Qt/KDE team umbrella you need to 
> follow the [changelog guidelines]. In this specific case the changelog should 
> be "signed" by the team's e-mail until the package is released (section 1 of 
> the link).
> [changelog guidelines] <http://pkg-kde.alioth.debian.org/
> changelogstandard.html>

I'll fix this.

> = debian/control
> - Do you really need chrpath? If you do then you have probably found a bug 
> upstream.
> - What do you need kbd for? It's not a development package per-se. Maybe 
> tests?

I'll work on this.

> - Vcs-[Browser Git]: you probably used your launchpad one for the initial 
> setup, but if you point to push it to our repos feel free to use the team's 
> ones.

I just set it like that because I don't have access to the team QtSpeech
repo. When something is done about that (or there's somebody willing to
work with me on pushing every change I make to the appropriate repo)
I'll be glad to change it. :)

> - Homepage: I still think that pointing to the docs it's not the right 
> homepage, but it might be a matter of taste.
> - And the package needs a better description, but that's clearly a WIP.
> = debian/copyright: clearly WIP.

I'm really unsure on this. Where can I find copyright-related
information on this?

> = debian/rules: it seems to come from a webkit-related package. Do you really 
> need to set which archs get -gstabs? This needs a mjor overhaul. Moreover for 
> simple submodules like I think this will be it's easier to start with a plain 
> debian/rules or a templated one.

I copied that from QtWebEngine, major WIP here.

> = git
> Use one commit per related changes. As you are starting the packaging you 
> might want to use one commit per file. Except the commit it's related to two 
> or more files, of course. Example: if you add a package in debian/control and 
> that package provides a .install file, then they should happen in the same 
> commit. Of course we are not perfect and we make mistakes: if you 
> accidentally 
> pushed something that oversees this and if it's not too much of a hazzle, 
> just 
> keep it like this.

Good idea.

> Cheers!

Thanks Lisandro! :)

Simon Quigley
tsimonq2 on freenode and OFTC


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