> I'm not entirely sure what to do about the name of the library during
> this handoff -- it might drop the "kf5" prefix.  If we don't drop the
> "kf5" prefix, i suppose we'll need an epoch number in the package
> version to make sure that upgrades happen.  It's also possible that
> we'll need to do a similar thing with qgpgme, i guess.

the libs gpgme installs are without the kf5 prefix, so we have should also name 
the package like the libs without kf5 prefix. So we don't end up in having the 
same package names, what makes the life easier for the transition :)

I'll hope I will finish the build of c++/qt bindings the next days and will 
publish them at a private clone of the debian repo, so dkg can check my 
changes before pulling them in. Just to make sure, I don't break your workflow.



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