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> I also got feedback from Luca (SUSE) that the conflict with kdepimlibs 4.14
> is causing problems. I wonder if we should change the install locations to

it is as Andre says: like Debian, openSUSE too has kdepimlibs 4.14-depending 
software and will likely keep on having it (even in "rolling" versions) for 
quite a while in the future.

The conflict already prevented the import of the new gpgme in: it is now 
workarounded (explicit conflict preventing co-installation), but installing 
headers somewhere else would help for coinstallability in my view, so +1 to 
that proposal.

> I like the suggestion of libgpgme-cpp-dev and libgpgme-qt-dev. I don't think

FTR, that's what we do in openSUSE too, makes for finer-grained package 

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