On Thursday 13 October 2016 17:51:11 Daniel Kahn Gillmor wrote:
> > I also got feedback from Luca (SUSE) that the conflict with kdepimlibs
> > 4.14 is causing problems. I wonder if we should change the install
> > locations to "/usr/include/gpgme-cpp" and "/usr/include/gpgme-qt" or do
> > you think it's too late for that?
> It's not too late for that in debian; these bindings have only been
> published in debian in the experimental repo thus far, so nothing
> depends on them explicitly -- yet!
> But any changes we want to make in the naming or versioning of these
> bindings probably need to happen soon if we want them to be considered
> for inclusion in debian.
> > I like the suggestion of libgpgme-cpp-dev and libgpgme-qt-dev.
> fwiw, i also like the simplicity and clarity of this scheme.

From Sandro I took that he was slightly in favor of keeping the old name. Luca 
has also already packaged the current state.
And with the conflict only in the -dev packages with a somewhat old version 
should not be so big a problem.

Personally I like libgpgme-qt libgpgme-cpp, better and think now that It was a 
mistake not to change them when migrating the code. This is also what other 
projects do, e.g. libpoppler with libpoppler-qt4, libpoppler-cpp etc. 

> > I don't think gpgmepp and qgpgme are that widespread. And the
> > namespaces used are just GpgME and QGpgME. Maybe also changing the
> > installed librarary names to match libgpgme-qt.so ?
> the list of reverse dependencies in debian isn't all that large, but
> getting a full rename transition done so that all of the old versions
> can be dropped might end up being too big of a move before the debian
> freeze.  I don't think that should stop you from trying to get the right
> names going forward upstream, though.

I tend to agree that the change is too distruptive now. To make it cleanly we 
should also rename the installed libraries, how the libraries are mentioned in 
the doc etc and not just change the header install location. And this would be 
another very disruptive change after we just did one. Also this way at least 
for QGpgME we follow the <namespace>/<class> pattern for the camelcased 

To summarize: I like libgpgme-qt and libgpgme-cpp better then libgpgmepp and 
libqgpgme but I don't think we should change it right now.

> > FYI there was some API missing / not installed in the qt variant that is
> > used in kleopatra and KMail, so we'll need a new release soon. KDEPIM
> > master already depends on the new libraries.

Werner is currently working on the release, it might even come today.


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