On Mon, Nov 21, 2016 at 10:52 AM, Maximiliano Curia
<m...@gnuservers.com.ar> wrote:
> ¬°Hola Harald!
> El 2016-11-21 a las 09:25 +0100, Harald Sitter escribió:
>> but the repo names follow upstream naming not source naming (attica vs.
>> attica-kf5 etc.) :/
> Upstream also mentioned that they were going to rename it, but then they
> only renamed the content of the tarball. When I renamed the git repository I
> created a symlink so syntax-highlighting.git should still be working. Is
> this causing any issues to you?

We do not replicate symlinks into neon for reasons I cannot recall ^^.
At any rate only a minor annoyance.

> For me, it makes no difference if we call it syntax-highlighting.git or
> ksyntax-highlighting.git, I fine having the repo called
> syntax-highlighting.git and make ksyntax-highlighting.git a symlink to it.

For consistency's sake I will re-rename unless someone objects before
Friday Nov 25.



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