with current kwallet 5.28.0, kwallet fails to build on mips archs
(mips, mips64el and mipsel) [0]. 
It complains about a missing symbol, that is defined in [1] and used in [2]:
[...]/kwalletd.cpp:1805: undefined reference to 
`KWallet::Backend::entryDoesNotExist(QString const&, QString const&) const'
[...]/kwalletd.cpp:1810: undefined reference to 
`KWallet::Backend::entryDoesNotExist(QString const&, QString const&) const'

I looked at the buildlog, but I don't see what could be go wrong.
Here my analyses:

The missing symbol is defined in
src/runtime/kwalletd/backend/kwalletbackend.cc [1]

this file is built (successfully):
"Building CXX object 

and linked in the package libkwalletbackend5.so.5.28.0:
"Linking CXX shared library libkwalletbackend5.so"

and this library is used for other libs successfully. But it fails to in 
kwallet5. The libkwalletbackend5.so.5.28.0  is added to link against.
"Linking CXX executable kwalletd5"

I looked around in code if I didn't see any #ifdef around the relevant files 
nor anything I know that is arch depended.
So far I'm out of any idea what's going wrong.

Btw. the diff between kwallet 5.27->5.28 do not touch any involved files.
Do you can help me with that?

Best Regards,



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