On Wed, Nov 30, 2016 at 2:59 PM, Dmitry Shachnev <mity...@debian.org> wrote:
>> One thing I am particularly unsure about is whether or not
>> usr/lib/python3.Y/ is an acceptable installation path or if indeed
>> coercing it to be usr/lib/python3/ is the way to go.
> The latter, it should be moved into usr/lib/python3/.
> Please also run dh_python3 and dh_sip3 in debian/rules (i.e. somehow add
> python3,sip3 to the dh --with list).
> It is not mandatory but highly recommended to build for all supported
> Python 3 versions. At the moment we only have one version (3.5) so this
> may be tricky to test, but please take a note for the future.

So, I've added calls to dh_python3 and dh_sip3 which sorts out more
dependencies and automatically mangles the paths as expected.


> Re your problem with the __init__.py file:
>> - __init__.py is meant to be packaged separately by one bindings generating
>>   framework but shared across all of them. as a result we have a package
>>   which only contains the __init__ and a package for the actual module
>>   I find this fairly shit but apparently the rest of the world doesnt care
> You can use a python3-pykf5.kitemmodels.pyinstall file for that. This way
> the __init__.py will be not part of the package, but generated by the postinst
> script on the system if it does not already exist. See dh_python3(1) for
> details.

Upstream suggested that the __init__.py would likely get content in
the future, so with that in mind I'd actually rather start with the
__init__.py distribution sorted out. I am not particularly fussed
about it though, if letting dh_python generate the file in postinst is
nicer we could also go with that.



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