In data lunedì 12 dicembre 2016 14:41:21 CET, Jonathan Riddell ha scritto:
> I'm wondering if there's still a need for CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debian which gets 
> set on builds which use
> /usr/share/pkg-kde-tools/lib/kf5_flags

Theoretically yes, given the idea of it is to use the build flags by
kdelibs/frameworks, minus the optimization flags (read by
dpkg-buildflags). Unfortunately, when the frameworks packaging was
imported from Ubuntu, this was overlooked.

> It's used by 
> /usr/share/pkg-kde-tools/cmake/DebianABIManager.cmake

The ABI Manager is something else, and the only relation with the Debian
build type is that it does something (currently) only on that build
type. (But could be made work also with others.)

> and kdelibs(4) debian/patches/add_debian_build_type.diff

That's the kdelibs 4 version of this, set using

> The downside is it just adds some confusion, what does the build type
> mean in every other case?

Confusion for who?

> Calligra compiles different projects if you
> build with Debug or Release set and it's not clear what happens for
> packages with Debian set.

Please report a bug to calligra then, or any other source that change
what is build according to the build type: this is simply 

> If the kdelibs(4) patch is still needed should it not be ported to
> KF5?

Theoretically yes (in extra-cmake-modules), but it's too late at this
point in the current Debian lifecycle.

> Can the ABI Manager do with a flat set by the packages which use it?

Not sure what you mean here, can you please explain in a simplier way?

Pino Toscano

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