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On martes, 23 de mayo de 2017 10:13:13 -03 Erik Lundin wrote:
> Hello,
> I sent this email to the debian-mentors list, and got directed to the
> Debian Qt/KDE team, so here follows the same content:
> We're using PythonQt built for Qt 5 at work, and I have been looking at
> the possibility to package it for Debian. Here is what I have found so far:
> * Qt 4 support for PythonQt seems to have been abandoned upstream. There
> is a branch with the last working version for Qt 4, and version 3.1
> (latest release) assumes Qt 5.
> * Support for CMake has been removed upstream.
> * The current Debian packages are Qt 4 only, and made for QMake.
> * pythonqt is orphaned in Debian
> * Debian tracker:
> I have made necessary changes for building the package using QMake, and
> now would like to contribute them back to the community. However, I'm
> new when it comes to Debian packaging, so please help me with the following:
> *Qt 4 vs Qt 5 versions of installed files*
> Compatibility between the packages for Qt 4 and Qt 5 has to be handled,
> i.e. the new package should not just install files with the same names
> as the previous packages. Since Qt 4 is abandoned upstream, I changed
> the packaging scripts to only build for Qt 5 and changed the names to
> "libpythonqt-qt5-3.1" and "libpythonqt-qt5-dev". However, the installed
> files still have the same names as the files of the previous packages
> (at least the dev package, which has files installed in
> /usr/include/PythonQt). Possible solutions to the dev package problem:
> * Install header files to /usr/include/PythonQt5 or some other Qt 5
> specific folder.
> * Install header files to /usr/include/PythonQt and let
> libpythonqt-qt5-dev conflict libpythonqt-dev so only one of them can be
> installed at a time.
> * Install header files to /usr/include/PythonQt and only use the name
> libpythonqt-dev (no Qt 5 in the name). The policy manual, section 8.4,
> suggests that this is a possibility if you only want to support one
> development version at a time.
> *Library files*
> The library files have different names, because of the new version
> ( vs, but would it be wise to
> rename the Qt 5 library to or something similarly,
> just to clearly indicate the difference? Since Qt 4 is abandoned
> upstream, I don't expect any Qt 4 packages with version 3.1.0 of the so
> files. The policy manual, section 8.1, says that "the package should
> install the shared libraries under their normal names".
> The previous package libpythonqt3.0 creates the symlink
> -> but not ->
> Should this file be skipped also in the Qt 5 case?
> The symlink is created by the dev package, which is fine
> if the second or third solution to the dev package problem above is
> selected.
> *PythonQt_QtAll*
> Previous packages built using CMake were configured to wrap the
> extension PythonQt_QtAll and only create one set of library files.
> However, the possibility to do that seems to have disappeared, and now a
> new set of library files are created ( with
> corresponding symlinks). The packaging guide, section 8.1, suggests that
> it is OK to put several libraries into the same package if their SONAMES
> will always change together, and I assume that this is the case here, so
> I'm prepared to do that. Any opinions on that?
> Regards,
> Erik

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