On martes, 23 de mayo de 2017 10:13:13 -03 Erik Lundin wrote:
> *PythonQt_QtAll*
> Previous packages built using CMake were configured to wrap the
> extension PythonQt_QtAll and only create one set of library files.
> However, the possibility to do that seems to have disappeared, and now a
> new set of library files are created (libPythonQt_QtAll.so.3.1.0 with
> corresponding symlinks). The packaging guide, section 8.1, suggests that
> it is OK to put several libraries into the same package if their SONAMES
> will always change together, and I assume that this is the case here, so
> I'm prepared to do that. Any opinions on that?

Yes, if those libs are tied to public headers package them as separate binary 
packages. Your mental health at maintaining time will thank you ;)

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