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>i think we also should look at this issue.
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>Subject: KGlobalAccel regression in latest frameworks release
>Date: Mittwoch, 13. September 2017, 18:23:48 CEST
>From: Martin Flöser <mgraess...@kde.org>
>To: plasma-de...@kde.org, kde-frameworks-de...@kde.org,
>CC: j...@jriddell.org
>Hi all,
>unfortunately I have to inform you that KGlobalAccel has a severe 
>regression [1] in the latest framework release resulting in many 
>shortcuts no longer functioning.
>As the current frameworks release is the one the next Plasma release is
>going to depend on, we need to act quickly. In the current state I
>say a release of Plasma requiring this frameworks version is an
>no-no, this is release blocking. I'm saying this as the maintainer of 
>kglobalaccel and of the most affected application KWin.
>Following recommendations from my side:
>* distributions who have not yet shipped out the latest frameworks 
>release should hold back kglobalaccel and maybe kwindowsystem
>* in KGlobalAccel we need to get a fix for it, I'm not able to provide 
>it, though.
>* Otherwise I would suggest that the change in KGlobalAccel gets 
>Due to the fact that Plasma depends on this release we must act quickly
>and do a bug fix release for frameworks even if this is uncommon and 
>against the practice.
>Sorry for any inconveniences.
>Martin Flöser
>KGlobalAccel maintainer
>[1] https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=384597

This is for kf 5.38, we can wait till 5.39. 
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