Hey Pino,

I now finished the most work for kdepim 17.08.3 for unstable and pushed 
* I build everything in tiers to make sure, that the deps are uptodate
* updated symbols
* Bumped Standards-Version to 4.2.1
* comaptlevel to 10 (11 is not suitable for ubuntu at the moment and me 
personally see no big gain in bumping to 11 for kdepim)
* For making the Kolab resource working, we need also to push a new version of 
libkolab to unstable, too ( I prepared libkolab 1.0.2-6 for that)
* I added a page to see how to build kdepim [0]

on my todo list there is now the coordination with you for getting kde-l10n in 
shape, too. I appended two files with the lists of l10nfiles (mo/qm files). To 
see the exacpt command see the first line. For me it looks like that the 
installation for documenation is not correct and should be /usr/share/doc/

Best regards,


[0] https://pkg-kde.alioth.debian.org/applications-17.08-build-deps.html

[appended files] - I removed them, cause they were to big for the list. I can 
send them in private - if somebody is interessted, too.
the two oneliners:
# for i in pool/main/*/*/*deb; do echo `basename $i` >>  /tmp/helpfiles;  dpkg 
--contents  $i | grep '/doc/' | grep -v '/\(\|copyright\|changelog.Debian.gz\|
changelog.gz\|\(NEWS\|README\|TODO\)\.\[^a-z0-9._-\]*\|.* -> .*\)$' >> /tmp/
helpfiles; done
# for i in pool/main/*/*/*deb; do echo `basename $i` >>  /tmp/l10nfiles;  dpkg 
--contents  $i | grep '\.\(mo\|qm\)$' >> /tmp/l10nfiles; done

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