> > * comaptlevel to 10 (11 is not suitable for ubuntu at the moment and me
> > personally see no big gain in bumping to 11 for kdepim)
> We still use compat 9 everywhere -- the changes from v9 to v10 do not
> look like affecting our packages, at least for the majority of them,
> but we will need to keep a couple of eyes on builds to verify no awkward
> behaviour changes appear due to that.

I built complete kdepim again after the switch to compat 10 without issues, so 
at least for amd64 I faced no issue. But that may be different on other archs.

> Also what Ubuntu wants/needs is irrelevant for Debian: if we want/need
> to use something that is not in Ubuntu, it is not a problem.

Yes you are right, but I thought I could ask nicely, what's there experience 
and/or outcome. And to be able to work out a solution that works for boths. As 
they are already have a big diff against Debian it is irrelevant atm. and 
comap 10 is not an issue anyways.
> > * I added a page to see how to build kdepim [0]
> Looks nice, although maybe there are some links missing in the tiers
> graph (for example kholydays, kontactinterface, kdav are not required
> by other tiers?)

Okay I need to describe the graph further. In the tier graph only links, that 
tighten one tier to the next one are shown. So not arrow from kdav means that 
nothing in tier 1 have a dependency on kdav. Aka you could move kdav to a 
later tier, but I created the tier graph to show at what earliest state you 
can built what. The idea was to use the shape to show, if something is still 
depending on it (ellispe) and in contrast the diamond shape: nothing depends 
on it. But keep in mind the complete dependency graph is the one at the top of 
the page.

> > on my todo list there is now the coordination with you for getting
> > kde-l10n in shape, too. I appended two files with the lists of l10nfiles
> > (mo/qm files). To see the exacpt command see the first line.
> Thanks -- working on it.  I realize I forgot to mention you about
> translated man pages too, but the current l10n packages do not ship any
> related to pim (that I see), so it should be fine.

that means you don't have to do anything from kde-l10n site to bundle with 
kdepim upload?

> > For me it looks like that the
> > installation for documenation is not correct and should be /usr/share/doc/
> > <pkg>/HTML
> The documentation systems has a single directory with all the
> documentation, so /u/s/d/HTML/$lang/$foo is correct.

ah interesting.

> Looking the list of packages you prepared, then please leave out from
> your upload batch:
> - kdav: it is already at 17.08.3 in unstable (had no reverse
>   dependencies in unstable, so I uploaded it few weeks ago)

> - kgpg: this batch is already big enough, and since the version in
>   unstable is kdelibs 4.x, it will not create a conflict; I will take
>   care of kgpg (and other 17.08 leftovers) once this pim batch is done



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