now most of kdepim 17.08.3 was successfully built now.
But now I triggered a bug of dak and now part of kdepim will need to through 
NEW again. 
If you have any good ideas or anything how we can fix that form out side... 
kdepim will be broken in sid till ftp-masters have the time to accept them...



[14:28] <hefee> Hey,
[14:29] <hefee> kf5-messagelib got into NEW queue and I do not understand why, 
because it was accepted before for experiemtal
[14:30] <hefee> and now with the new upload to unstable ( higher version number 
4:17.08.0-1 -> 4:17.08.3-1) buildds sent the package another time to NEW queue
[14:31] <hefee> btw same happend for pim-sieve-editor
[14:31] <hefee> it would be really nice, if the kdepim can finally migrate to 
[14:32] <hefee> me is also very interessted, why this new round through NEW was 
[14:33] <hefee> if I can help you in any way, please tell me
[14:35] <ansgar> 20171222015508|check-overrides|dak|removing unused 
[14:36] <ansgar> The source package was uploaded a bit earlier to unstable: 
2017-12-21 17:33
[14:37] <ansgar> Then experimental packages gets removed.  Then overrides for 
the binary package are unused.
[14:37] <ansgar> A bit later the buildd uploads arrive (2017-12-22 04:18), but 
the override is gone -> binary new.
[14:40] <carnil> ansgar: could you process src:linux from NEW on 
[14:40] <carnil> bwh: ^^
[14:42] <carnil> (or any other ftp-master, because we need it quite urgently)
[14:47] <ansgar> carnil: Almost done.
[14:47] <carnil> ansgar: thank you
[14:48] <hefee> ansgar: so the built process took to long and the overrides 
were already removed?
[14:49] <ansgar> hefee: Yes.  It looks like dak should be less agressive 
removing overrides (or know which source package the overrides belong to and 
only remove them if the source is gone).
[14:50] <hefee> ansgar: can this be fixed easily?
[14:51] <hefee> i mean to make the dak less aggressive is not easily fixable :D
[14:51] <hefee> i mean for my two packages and maybe more?
[14:51] <jcristau> wat
[14:51] <jcristau> your two packages are not special
[14:52] <jcristau> there's no reason to special case them, they'll be processed 
[14:54] <hefee> *sigh* they were already accepted and now the whole prcoess of 
preparing the new upload in experimental is broken
[14:55] <jcristau> *shrug*
[14:55] <hefee> btw. than also more packages will be need to be reaccepted: 
[14:56] <hefee> this are all packages that need kf5-messagelib as build-dep
[14:56] <jcristau> why would they need reaccept?
[14:57] <hefee> because they were all uploaded at the same time with 
kf5-messagelib and are waiting for built the same time, so i think the 
overrides are removed too
[14:58] * hefee okay to be presice i havn't check in detail what packages 
exactly were new with 17.08.1-1
[14:59] * hefee but for sure there will more go through NEW again, because with 
17.08.0 kdepim was splitted in serveral source packages

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