El martes, 26 de diciembre de 2017 07:27:33 -03 Boris Pek escribió:
> Hi,
> >>  salsa.d.o (alioth's replacement for git at least) is up in beta state.
> >>  
> >>  I think we should ask for the pkg-kde team group. I think ACLs will be
> >>  back
> >>  with this.
> >>  
> >>  What do you think?
> > 
> > s/ask for/create ourselves/, otherwise +1.
> Also do not forget to create pkg-kde-extras group.

That's normally a subgroup in the main group, not a group by itself.

Of course we could use the opportunity to create it as a special group in the 
gitlab instance (ie, at the same level as the main team) but keep it "under 
our umbrella".

Please note that I am suggesting this just to consider it as an option, 
specially if it fits better in the gitlab instance (I don't know). I think 
this should be kept under our umbrella no matter how we create the instance in 
> And how about Qt-extras (pkg-kde/qt-extras) sub-team which was announced
> earlier in this year?

It's logically created in alioth as a git namespace, same as with kde-extras.

> > I don’t think there is any migration from Alioth, so we will need to add
> > members to the team manually.
> Will we add maintainers with available accounts once after creation of group
> or will we wait personal requests to join group?

Good question. Personally I would just start with the current active admins 
and then wait for a personal request in order to use the oportunity to clean 
up the list.

Of course I would not heasitate to add someone who is already listed on alioth 
as soon as the request is received.

A proprietary undocumented text format as the de facto standard -- and that's
what .doc is -- is a shame for all parties involved. It's like using a special
patented ink that can only be read with special patented sun glasses. Who
would want to use that for all their scientific, private and business
documents? Probably nobody. Why they do so with computers is beyond me.
  Matthias Ettrich, founder of the KDE project.

Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer

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