In data mercoledì 27 dicembre 2017 15:04:50 CET, Sandro Knauß ha scritto:
> now we got some issues for the new kdepim 17.08 stack. What is the best way 
> to 
> go on? fix them "as fast as possible" or better wait till it migrates to 
> testing? I'm thinking, if it may break the tessting migration, if we upload 
> here a new kdepim-runtime here a new whatsoever...

Yes, so far there are no blocking issues on our side, so I'd wait for
the stack to migrate, and then we can do eventually more uploads.
Of course, feel free to add your changes to git in the meanwhile
(pushing them, heh).

> #885111 kdepim-runtime: kdepim-runtime depends on libkolab-dev

Just an annoyance, it can wait IMHO.

> #885148 kleopatra depends on deprecated packages

Already fixed in git.

> #869647 kleopatra: Missing dependency to libkf5libkleo-data

This is already fixed in unstable.

FWIW, other than the dak bug (#865304, which I already knew), so far
there was more work needed for this transition (done by me):

* remove the kdepim-runtime dependency for kdelibs 4.x stuff:
... with associated rebuilds:
... fixing pykde4 too:

* remove the packages using QtWebEngine on archs without it:

* remove the old src:kdepim:

All the above is done.  The last step was to ask to let pykde4 migrate
earlier to testing, hoping this will let the pim stack migrate:
If this will not work, I will contact r-t once more, to know what is
the issue, and how to solve it.

Pino Toscano

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