> Yes, so far there are no blocking issues on our side, so I'd wait for
> the stack to migrate, and then we can do eventually more uploads.
> Of course, feel free to add your changes to git in the meanwhile
> (pushing them, heh).

That's why I didn't want to dig into it, because I wanted to ask before I 
break something :D

> > #885111 kdepim-runtime: kdepim-runtime depends on libkolab-dev
> Just an annoyance, it can wait IMHO.
fixed in git :D

> > #885148 kleopatra depends on deprecated packages
> Already fixed in git.
> > #869647 kleopatra: Missing dependency to libkf5libkleo-data
> This is already fixed in unstable.

(maybe we should think about adding a git hook for marking bugs as pending?)

Yeah I knew, that more stuff was needed according to the transition. Thanks 
for all your work and sharing what is "done behind the scene". If there is 
more I should take care of?


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