I tried to understand, why kdepim hasn't moved to testing, but I don't 
understand the britney output completely. 
For me it looks that we missed the removals for armhf. Only armhf have 
conflicting packages like:

trying: kdepim-addons                                   
skipped: kdepim-addons (0, 2784, 136)                                           
    got: 31+0: a-2:i-24:a-0:a-0:a-1:m-0:m-3:m-0:p-0:s-1  
    * armhf: kdepim-addons     

trying: libkolab                                       
skipped: libkolab (0, 2762, 158)                                                
    got: 47+0: a-2:i-24:a-0:a-0:a-17:m-0:m-3:m-0:p-0:s-1
    * armhf: education-desktop-kde, kde-full, kde-standard, kdepim, 
kdepim-runtime, kmail, knotes, konsolekalendar, kontact, korganizer, 
libkolab-dev, libkolab1, python-kde4, python-kolab, python3-kolab, 
python3-pykde4, task-pkgs-are-installable-faux

Meanwhile I saw, that there is now a ongoing transition[0], that was triggerd 
by you?

I updated the multi-arch hints for several packages btw.

is there anything I can help with atm?
Otherwise I would update other packages in Debian and than focus on kdepim 
17.12 to experimental.
Any plans for that, yet?
(17.12 should be much easier, because we only have one new source package: 
ksmtp [1])


[0] https://release.debian.org/transitions/html/auto-kdepim-rm.html
[1] https://community.kde.org/Applications/17.12_Release_Notes

my python3.6 britney snipset:
def updateBritneyOutput():
    with open('/home/hefee/debian/update_output.txt','w') as f:

def checkForBritney(pkg):
    britney = open('/home/hefee/debian/update_output.txt','r').read()
    ret = []
    for i in re.finditer(f"trying:.*\s{pkg.name}(\s+.*|)\nskipped:.*\n(    
.*\n)*", britney):
    return ret

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