On sabato 30 dicembre 2017 19:49:13 CET Sandro Knauß wrote:
> Hey,
> I tried to understand, why kdepim hasn't moved to testing, but I don't
> understand the britney output completely.

I don't either, but let's see.

> For me it looks that we missed the removals for armhf. Only armhf have
> conflicting packages like:
> trying: kdepim-addons                                   
> skipped: kdepim-addons (0, 2784, 136)                                         
>     got: 31+0: a-2:i-24:a-0:a-0:a-1:m-0:m-3:m-0:p-0:s-1  
>     * armhf: kdepim-addons     

This does not tell me anything.

> trying: libkolab                                       
> skipped: libkolab (0, 2762, 158)                                              
>     got: 47+0: a-2:i-24:a-0:a-0:a-17:m-0:m-3:m-0:p-0:s-1
>     * armhf: education-desktop-kde, kde-full, kde-standard, kdepim, 
> kdepim-runtime, kmail, knotes, konsolekalendar, kontact, korganizer, 
> libkolab-dev, libkolab1, python-kde4, python-kolab, python3-kolab, 
> python3-pykde4, task-pkgs-are-installable-faux

Ditto, although this gives me two hints:
- pykde4 will migrate tomorrow
- education-desktop-kde on all the architectures depends on some
  packages (e.g. kmail) that now are available just on few of them

This means two possible solutions:
a) fix src:debian-edu, via MU or NMU
b) ask release-team to temporarily hint out src:debian-edu from testing

I'll see tomorrow what can be done ...

> Meanwhile I saw, that there is now a ongoing transition[0], that was
> triggerd by you?
> [0] https://release.debian.org/transitions/html/auto-kdepim-rm.html

This is because src:kdepim was removed from unstable, and this tracks
its status to remove it from testing.  I guess.

> Otherwise I would update other packages in Debian and than focus on
> kdepim 17.12 to experimental.
> Any plans for that, yet?

I'd kindly ask you to hold that until:
a) KDEPIM 17.08.3 migrates to testing
b) I sort out the coinstallation issues with kdepim4

In the meanwhile, what could be done is
a) answer users' questions/issues on the users ML
b) handle bugs for the new versions
c) possibly triage old bugs

> (17.12 should be much easier, because we only have one new source
> package: ksmtp [1])

Sort-of ready in git, but "needs" (thanks Laurent Montel for the
unneeded requirement bumps) newer Frameworks than what is in unstable.

Pino Toscano

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