> I'd kindly ask you to hold that until:
> a) KDEPIM 17.08.3 migrates to testing
> b) I sort out the coinstallation issues with kdepim4

my thought was to use experimental to prepare 17.12 and also use a debian/
experimental branch in git to not interfere or do you need experimental to 
prepare something too?

> a) answer users' questions/issues on the users ML
this I try already.

> b) handle bugs for the new versions
this I try already.

> c) possibly triage old bugs

I'm quite bad in triage bugs and keep the overview as we already have multiple 
hundreads of bugs inside kdepim. Does someone has any thoughts, how we may 
manage to triage those? Maybe we have to be realistitic and say everything 
older than 4 years we will close and tell the authos, that we have too less 
manpower to handle the bugs?

> > (17.12 should be much easier, because we only have one new source
> > package: ksmtp [1])
> Sort-of ready in git, but "needs" (thanks Laurent Montel for the
> unneeded requirement bumps) newer Frameworks than what is in unstable.

as I said - prepare in experimental :D


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